External value vs. Internal value

Bringing Tony Blair is the effort to import external political reform idea to implant into traditional internal political faith. This idea is Thaksin’s who upholds western political faith higher. His attitude has been often misundertood as a sort of revolutionary attempt.

‘Independent organizations are too strong and Thailand is back-lagged’
This idea is motivated from the powerful presidency system and the head of administration in developing countries must be goven the same power as the president holds in developed republic countries unknowingly those presidents are strictly scrutinized in their abilities and performance. Some presidents suicide on failure. The spirit of taking responsibility is too high. Continue reading

Thai Medical Tourism

Thai medical tourism is in the area of plastic surgery that has been well advanced, by Yanhee hospital once belonged to EGAT, electricity agency.
In the past and present, there are many electrocuted accidents and need special hospital that heal the burnt flesh and bone.

Number of doctor is now short because of 30 baht medical welfare system. Also many of them are imported into Bangkok private hospitals where salary is better (state hospital 15,000 baht, private 50,000 baht).
Also there is so much scarsity of electronic-medical specialties as more such high tech equipments are adopted in the service. Continue reading

Medical Tourism vs Medical Care to the Poor

In an earlier blog by another blogger about Thailand as hub for medical tourism an issue came up about medical tourism consuming our medical resources and thus not reaching the poor Thais. The fact is that the distribution of medical resources would be the same with or without medical tourism.

Medical Tourism is provided exclusively by private hospitals, mostly in Bangkok and some tourist destinations like Pattaya and Phuket. If medical tourism was abolished from these hospitals, they would still operate with all their resources serving the elite and well off Thais. None of their resources would be going to the rural areas in need of medical care. Apart from not affecting the distribution of our medical resources, medical tourism is beneficial to the country in many ways. Continue reading